Recent Websites

Recent Websites

HumanOS Blog

We were hired by Dan Pardi to create his new revamped blog. Dan is re-branding from Dan’s Plan to HumanOS. He had a vision and we created a WordPress blog worthy of helping him continue his mission. Dans Plan is all about how to be healthy, and living a healthy lifestyle. We are very happy with how it came out. Visit this site

Marketing Modo

“Working with Chelsea and Eric has been a privilege. I gave them a very large project and they knocked it out of the ballpark. Over many years I have worked with many designers and developers, Chelsea and Eric are among the best. Not many could do what they did in the time they did it in. I would recommend them hands down.”

Created from scratch based solely on mockups/content provided by Tom. This site is fully responsive and one of our proudest moments so far. Visit this site

Cynthia Lee Cartier

“Chelsea and Eric went above and beyond in every way with this project. We couldn’t be happier with the level of work, speed and level of helpfulness. The site looks better than we had imagined!”

Cynthia and Mandy were a real joy to work with!! We had alot of fun working on this website. Many items on this site are custom graphics equipped with image maps for links including the header and both top navigation bars. Visit this site


“You Rock!” – Melinda

We re-vamped this website as volunteer work because Wolfy got her puppy from here and wanted to give back as well as get a little experience working with a new program. Unfortunately this site wasn’t on a WordPress platform so our styling was limited to only css. We also created their logo. Visit this site

My Poets Tree n Dee

“Wonderful experience.” – Enrique

Enrique needed a way to sell his self written books as well as give anyone interested in poetry, a plethora of poems and articles to read. With time and dedication we were able to make Enrique’s dream come true. We designed and created the color scheme as well as the logo. He loves that he can share his thoughts through this “unique website”.

Wolf’s Brain Blog

“What Now?” – Wolfy and Brain

Yes its true!! Before this site looked how it does now…it was a blog. We spent countless hours creating a unique, visually stimulating blog site only to realize we knew NOTHING about blogging. Atleast we can use it to show you a little bit of our diversity.